2018 – How To Take Off From Within You!

2018 – How To Take Off From Within You!

Indeed, for every external effect that we can see, there is an internal cause we do not see. Find out!

By the law of mental causation and magnetism, thoughts become things; from our thoughts spring forth ideas, words, emotions, actions and experiences. There is an inseparable relationship between what we habitually think, believe and expect, and what eventually manifests in our life.

Life is ever unfolding from within, and revealing itself to the light, and thoughts engendered in the heart at last reveal themselves in words, actions, and things accomplished. ...James Allen.

Thought is the seed, Mind is the soil, Emotion is the water, Faith is the sunshine, and Action the executor - all working together to bear fruit in accord with your dominant thought energy.

Our life conditions and experiences are just manifestations of the dominant thoughts we have conceived and believed in. Whatever we achieve in life, we first create in our consciousness.

Life is Consciousness. Your Mind governs your Life. Control your Mind and you control your Destiny. Choose your Thoughts and you choose your Results.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.  ...James Allen

By the law of correspondence, you always attract to yourselves the people and resources required to make your dominant thoughts and ideas a reality.

When thought energy is intense, it has the propensity to mobilise and activate all your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces towards its actualization. Put another way, when your ideas, words, feelings, knowledge and actionss are in alignment with your thoughts, powerful results must follow.

By choosing wisely what you want in 2018, you cause an important and radical change in your conscious awareness, necessary for the attainment of your aspirations. A superior change in the content and quality of your thought creates a visible change in your outer conditions and experiences. Thoughts are things!

Any passionate and focused thought, clearly visualised and emotionally charged, will ultimately manifest its physical equivalent, no matter how long it takes.

Therefore to take firm control and be a success in 2018, simply choose what results you want to see in your life this year, and then fill your mind with its corresponding thought forms. It is an inside thing, and it's up to you! Blessings!

All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his thoughts. ...James Allen.

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