3 Personal Skills That Boost Your Success in Life, Work and Business

3 Personal Skills That Boost Your Success in Life, Work and Business

Whatever your job, career, business or profession, these 3 skills will speedily open the doors of success for you. Find out!

Good Self-Expression

Learn to express yourself properly. The experts call it effective communication. In other words, always say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say. Effective communication is a power skill you can use to exert influence, make a difference, and get what you want.

Communication is energy. Communication makes or breaks. The way you speak expands or diminishes your presence, personality and influence. Your words can open doors; and your words can shut doors right in your face! It is not just what you say, but how you say it makes a whole lot of the difference.

Learn, improve and build confidence by seizing every opportunity to speak. Start with small audiences - give a pep talk, teach a class, address a forum, moderate a meeting, deliver a seminar, etc.

You create authority and influence when you carefully articulate your ideas, and speak with power and eloquence. How else can you express your ideas, market yourself, sell your products or services, be a great team player, etc. without effective communication?

Genuine Interest in People

Being genuinely interested in people makes you focus more on them and their needs, and less on yourself. With that, you ignite the flame of friendship, empathy and understanding. It is a power tool that creates goodwill and evokes in others a strong urge to help and support you.

A great way to display genuine interest is to always remember and call people you've met before by their first names. And without being overly personal or intrusive, genuinely inquire about things that are important to them – spouse, family, health, job, etc. Sometimes, just being a good listener and sharing sincere and genuine advice, is a great way to show genuine interest in another.

When you show genuine interest in people, you make yourself a more likable personality others want to be with! Making yourself likable is the key to getting what you want in life. Being genuinely interested in others is a sure way to win friends and influence people.

"Good manners will open doors the best education cannot." …Mother Teresa.

Good Etiquette

Always apply the rules of etiquette, decorum and courtesy in your everyday dealings with others, both in private and public. It is a great asset for personal success. When you exude good manners, etiquette, decorum and courtesy, you come across as gentle, polished, decent, cultured, knowledgeable and adorable.

Being savvy with etiquette and protocol is a skill that gives you extra mileage in personal, social, professional and business relationships. Courtesy costs you nothing, but it takes you a long way; and remember, you don't have a second chance to make a first impression!

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