3 Secrets of Effective Giving

3 Secrets of Effective Giving

Giving generates positive energy. When done aright, Giving activates the Law of Prosperity. Learn how!

Giving is a spiritual activity that generates positive energy and activates the Laws of Prosperity when done aright. It is therefore only wise that we properly understand this powerful spiritual principle, so that we can put it to best effect.

Firstly, we must acknowledge GOD as the inexhaustible source of all that we have and all that we give. We must see ourselves only as worthy custodians of Universal Good. This mindset not only activates Gratitude and Joy in us, it also strengthens our Faith in Omnipresent GOOD. Our duty is to 'draw-down', control, protect, conserve and deploy universal GOOD, the best we can.

Secondly, we must understand that whatever we give, we are only channels through which Universal Good reaches its destination. We are simply open channels through which prosperity flows. Therefore we do not take glory. We do not hoard. We do not hold back (Luke 6:30). We give without reservations. Who are we to dare turn off the tap of universal flow by holding back?

Thirdly, we must give freely, happily, joyfully and cheerfully. That way we align ourselves with the Law of Prosperity. Thankfulness and Cheerfulness are not only good for our health; they are great for our prosperity manifestation. Remember: God loves a cheerful giver! (2 Corinthians 9:7). Reaping is the reason for Sowing. Therefore give expectantly, knowing that you will surely receive abundantly.

As you continue to give aright, you inevitably activate the law of prosperity in your affairs (Proverbs 11:25). As love, joy and gratitude domicile in your heart, all mental blocks to your manifestation are dissolved; and you inevitably open yourself to receive abundantly from the Universe.

Blessings and rewards are not limited to your bank account. Your reward may also come in other forms such as opportunities, intuition, a spark of wisdom or business idea, which if acted upon will create abundant wealth and prosperity beyond your imagination (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Never feel constrained to give. Never feel you don't have enough. Don't wait to become rich or have enough before you start to give. It is he who can give when he has little that can also give when he has plenty. If you cannot give one Naira when you have ten Naira, how can you possibly give one million Naira when you have ten million?

Giving is the real demonstration of prosperity; a sure proof that you have. And to those who have, more shall be given. But give with Wisdom; and never give to a cause you do not believe in. Start GIVING aright, and you'll surely be blessed according to the works of your hands.

Finally, avoid wasteful and ostentatious giving (Matthew 6:2). Avoid giving for atonement. True giving is unencumbered. True giving blesses the giver and the taker. True giving makes rich, not poor. A giver never lacks! Do yourself a favour, start giving today! Namaste!

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