Are You Raising A Sacred Generation?

Are You Raising A Sacred Generation?

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it … a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. (Proverbs 22:62).

As a gift from God, a child is sacred and should be brought up to know his or her true nature. Childhood is that epoch in life during which the foundation for adulthood is laid. It is during this period that children begin to appreciate the beauty and meaning of life.

Childhood experiences create deep indelible mark upon a child's mind. Parents (and guardians) must therefore do their best to ensure that children enjoy their childhood.

Character, habits, mental and emotional stability, problem solving ability, sense of service, sexuality and spirituality, all begin to develop during childhood. This is therefore a critical phase in the life of any child, which parents (and guardians) must superintend with firmness, love and affection.

Parents have a duty to raise children who are morally and spiritually grounded. This is easier when parents themselves are morally upright and spiritually evolved. For even without being taught, a child will pick up your morality and spirituality just as easily as they pick up your language and mannerism.

Children have sensitive and impressionable minds. They copy and paste easily. Children see their parents as role-models, and will therefore copy whatever they see parents do, and whatever they hear their parents say.

Parents are therefore the child’s foremost teacher through exemplary living. Teach them Morals, Values, Ideals, Ethics, Courage, etc. Whatever character or personality you want to see in your child, simply live it. 

A child is excited and eager to learn when the family gets together in pleasurable activities such as worship, playing, story-telling, singing, games, etc. Unfortunately these days, many parents hardly spend quality time with their children. The painful result is that today, children hardly ever learn from their best teachers; and parents hardly ever teach their best students. 

…but a child left to himself bringeth his mother (and father) to shame. …Proverbs 28:15.

Tell me, how children can …

Learn good manners without seeing any example?

Learn courtesy without seeing any example?

Learn respect without seeing any example?

Learn empathy without seeing any example?

Learn patriotism without seeing any example?

And so on…

Parents need to invest quality time on child upbringing. They must fulfil their parental obligations of diligently raising our future generations. The great challenge is to avoid failed parenthood, failed childhood, and failed generations!

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