Make Your Home to Reflect Your Spirituality

Make Your Home to Reflect Your Spirituality

A home reflects the level of godliness, Christ-likeness, spirituality and enlightenment of the owner; and this can be discerned by simply observing some aspects of the home.

At the end of every outing, be it for job or journey, we return Home. Home is that special sheltered space in which we feel welcomed, safe and secure. Home is where relationships are nurtured, children grow up and families are built.

Your home is a shelter, a safe haven and a place where you pull-off your shoes, hang your hat and unpack your bag. Your home is a sanctuary where you can feel nurtured and refreshed at the end of a long day.

The sacred Home is a sanctuary of Love, Peace, Joy and Security – that protects and caters for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the family or occupants. Both the interior and exterior of your home are subtle reflections of your Soul, of who you are and the things you value. Your home is a natural projection of your personality.

A sacred home reflects the level of godliness, Christ-likeness, spirituality and enlightenment of the owner; and this can be discerned from observing some aspects of the home:

Approach: The entry gateway marks an important transition from the outside world into a sacred home. Notice the warn colours, the exotic plants and flowers, the birds singing, the signs and symbols, the relaxed atmosphere and feel-at-home ambience that resonates with your spirit, and makes you want to stay.

Colour: What colours are you home decorated with? Are your colours harmonious or conflicting? Did you consider the spiritual significance of colours in your choice? Are your colours warm, welcoming and comfortable? Or are they repulsive?

Interior: What do you observe as you step into a sacred home? Notice the well organised space, simply but tastefully decorated; and with few well selected artworks and items of personal symbolism placed at the right places. Notice the well designed furniture keeping you warm and comfortable, and which integrates with everything else to make you feel at home.

Sound: What vibes greet you as you step into a sacred home? Is the home quiet and serene? Is the ambient sound level below average? Notice the absence of stressful noise – whether from nearby traffic or noisy neighbours. Notice the happy voices of children playing and laughing. Notice the almost imperceptible soul stirring vibes oozing from nowhere, and making you feel you belong here.

Smell: What smell or aroma greets you as you enter into a sacred home? Notice the healthy freshness of the air. Notice the elusive natural fragrances of fresh flowers. Notice the soothing aromas of sacred oils and incenses that uplift your spirit and make you feel welcomed, relaxed and energised.

Library: A sacred home should have a library stocked with good books for the benefit of the whole family - Books that enhance and support the mental, emotional and spiritual development, wellbeing and needs of both the children and the adults in the home.

The Alter: A sacred home should have a dedicated spiritual space for personal quiet time, family prayers, meditation, worship and communion with God. This may be a special room or a specific part of the home dedicated just for spiritual activities; and furnished and decorated to reflect that purpose.

As a rational being, you are divinely guided from within to create a home that is not only a fortress of Love, Peace and Joy, but also a sanctuary for spiritual growth and fulfilment. Your sacred home mirrors the status of your relationship with God, because as in heaven, so on earth; as within, so without. Blessings!

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