Man, Spiritual Substance and Conservation

Everything is Energy; and back of all energy is Spiritual Substance. Substance is to Man what battery is to cell-phone.

Suppose you have a secret genie from which you draw the energy to live your life the way you want; the power to do your business, work, job, studies, trade, etc? How will you handle such an asset?

Surely, you'll not you dissipate or use it carelessly. You will rather protect and preserve it through self-control and moderation in its use.

What is Spiritual Substance?
Spiritual Substance is the invisible essence of all creation. It is at the core of all existence. It pervades all things and inspires all actions. It is the Life Energy that powers your every activity, supply and manifestation. It is the activity of God being active.

We are constantly drawing from and converting Spiritual Substance into whatever energy type we need at any point in time - be it physical, emotional, intellectual, sports, spiritual, etc.

Energy is the ability to do work; and back of all energy is Substance. Substance is to Man what the battery is to a cell-phone.

Dissipation of Substance 
There are several channels through which we dissipate energy. Four primary doors through which energy leaves the body are:

The sense organs: A look at the natural hierarchical arrangement of the sense organs on the head suggests that we should think more, observe more, listen more, and talk less. Avoid talkativeness.

Negative Emotions: Negative emotions such as fear, worry, anger, rage, envy, jealousy and revenge sap your energy. Avoid them.

Uncontrolled Thoughts: Lustful thoughts, greed and wishful thinking dissipate your energy. The same can be said of arrogance, stubbornness and hot-headedness.

The Reproductive Organs:
Sexual desire is superlative creative essence seeking outlet - not just to make babies, but to power other superior goals. It must be conserved and deployed wisely. Unfortunately, many men being unaware unknowingly dissipate and thus fail to avail themselves of the matchless creative surge of a healthy sex drive; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity. Fortunate is the Man with a healthy sex drive, who has also learned the art of Sex Transmutation.

Benefits of Conservation
The benefits of Conservation include youthfulness, personal magnetism, attractive personality, creative imagination, superb intuition, mental acumen and strong immune system.

On the flipside of Conservation is dissipation. If you are not conserving, you must be dissipating. If you are not doing well in any area of life, check to see if there is dissipation there. Once you find and block the leakage, your situation will change for the better.

If you desire a life of success and superior attainments, conserve your substance; and use it only for superior activities of your life.

Every activity draws energy; and Substance is the source of that energy. Substance powers your every Thought, Word and Action. Conservation keeps your energy source fully charged.

As the mind of Man gradually aligns with GOD-Mind, divine economy is activated; bestowing Man with wisdom to conserve and deploy his Substance intelligently.



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