Setting-up Your Personal Home Altar – A Neophyte's Guide

Setting-up Your Personal Home Altar – A Neophyte's Guide

"…And he built there an altar, and called the place El-beth-el; because there God appeared unto him…"

What is an Altar?
An altar is a sacred space reserved for spiritual activities such as devotion, worship, prayer, meditation, and attunement. It could be a whole room, or part of it, a table and chair, a stool or even a mat.

Your altar is that special space you retire to for regular communion with God. It is a place of solitude and quietude; serenity and tranquility; purity and holiness, dedicated to spiritual activities. Your altar is that hallowed space where you withdraw from the physical and into the spiritual realm.  

Setting-up Your Altar
Depending on how simple or elaborate what you want it, your altar could be a whole room or just a table and chair placed at a corner of your bedroom.

Whatever space you have, make it conducive for spiritual attunement, using suitable colours and furnishing. Suggested colours are white, blue, beige, purple and gold. Colours to avoid are black and red. Choose colours that create harmony, serenity and ambience for relaxation and attunement.

Adorn your altar with spiritual objects (such as a cross); and images of your favourite spiritual masters (for example Master Jesus) displayed prominently. Also decorate your altar with spiritual symbols and drawings; as well as images of ancient philosophers you admire.

You should have at least one candle stand. If the aroma of incenses inspires you, then consider an incense burner. If music inspires you (binaural, classical or inspirational), then go for a music player. You may want to include a flower vase and floor mat.

Spirituality is a personal journey and each one walks his or her own path. Therefore your altar can be as simple or as exquisite as you want. This is only a guide.

Your aim is to create a sacred space that helps you to quickly get into alignment, create positive energy, and connect with life's superior dimensions. Therefore adorn your altar only with items that resonate with, and have spiritual significance for you. Then consecrate and dedicate your altar by saying a simple prayer or positive statement affirming your intent and purpose for the altar.

The Altar Within
Even though the physical altar is a great meditational aid and point of contact, the ultimate altar is within your heart; for God dwelleth not in temples made with hand… and which the eyes can see…

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Sprit of God dwelleth in you?" (Corinthians 3:16).

Spiritually, the altar represents a fixed, definite center in the consciousness of Man. It is a place within where we meet the Lord face to face and are willing to give up our sins, give up the lower for the higher, the personal for the impersonal, and the animal for the divine. Enter therein and be blessed!

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