Simple Meditations – A Beginner's Guide

Simple Meditations – A Beginner's Guide

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness Christ-ward; and be transformed by a renewing of the Mind...

Continuously flowing through the average human mind is a ceaseless stream of thoughts and ideas, each barely pausing long enough before another replaces it. And with endless stimuli from the five physical senses, the normal human mind is always busy and multi-tasking on autopilot.

This normal state of mind is unhealthy because for you to solve any challenge you must select, hold and focus on a particular train of thought long enough to discern a solution. The normal mind needs some form of training to be able to achieve focus.

Meditation trains the mind in mental quietude and focus. The result is thought control and alertness. The goal of meditation is to activate and improve the powers of the Mind (conscious and subconscious) such as visualization, concentration, intuition and focus – all prerequisites for the higher life of discernment, overcoming and achievement.

Depending on your needs, you can customize your meditation to achieve awareness and mindfulness; enlightenment and illumination; relaxation and healing; mind control and concentration; positive energy and vibrations; inspiration and creativity, etc.

Spiritually, meditation is a steady effort of the mind to know God. It is a practical route to Self-Illumination – the pearl of inestimable value. The ultimate goal is to expand consciousness Christ-ward; and become transformed by the renewal of the Mind. Meditation propels you unto the higher realm of Light Consciousness where you imbibe Light, Love and Wisdom – the highest vibrations of Life.

Meditation is a process that leads into the Silence. The Silence is that state of awareness that empowers Man to hear the still small voice of GOD. The Silence is the "secret place of the Most High" wherein Man-mind merges into GOD-MIND; meditation takes you there.

During meditation you go into your closet; and you shut the door (of your Mind to thought and feeling); and you enter into the Silence; and you commune with GOD. In that state of awareness, you discern solutions to your challenges (talk of answered prayers).

With dedicated effort, you'll become able to shut out the outside world and commune silently with God, at will. For in the Silence, Spirit speaks. And the result is Guidance, Inspiration and Attainment in the manifest world.

Other benefits of meditation include deeper levels of serenity of mind and body; deeper levels of contemplation; less worrying and fretting; boost in self confidence and self esteem.

Useful Tips for Meditation:

  • Practice daily at the same time (a routine soon becomes a habit).
  • Use the same space, room, chair, table, mat, rug, etc.
  • If you can, setup a personal altar.
  • Stay alert. Do not meditate if tired or sleepy.
  • Always wear comfortable clothing during meditation.
  • Always assume an easy and relaxed posture.
  • Use soft lighting in your room or space.
  • Use soft music (no lyrics), candles, incense, etc. if desired.
  • Apply breath control – breathing easily and rhythmically.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself. Nothing good comes easy.

Coming soon: Meditation: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide For Beginners.

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