Spiritual Consciousness – Are You a Victim or Victor?

Spiritual Consciousness – Are You a Victim or Victor?

Becoming conscious of your 'Consciousness' is the first step towards creating a better life experience for yourself…

To be alive is to be actively 'conscious' – conscious of yourself, your thoughts and your environment. Consciousness is your sense of awareness and knowing at any point in time. Whenever this sense is lost, you become unconscious, and therefore oblivious of happenings within and around you.

This shows that your thoughts, words and feelings begin, exist and end in consciousness. And Life itself is the ongoing experiencing streaming from our Consciousness.

It is therefore important that you become conscious of your 'Consciousness', and its impact on your 'Life', so that you can decide either to keep living in it, or to make a change.

Consciousness levels result from the cumulative effect of all ideas, thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, feelings, emotions and sensations you have ever been exposed to, and its impact on your Mind.

The FOUR levels of Spiritual Consciousness are:

Victim Consciousness
At this level you believe everything is happening to you and you can do little or nothing about it. You see yourself as a victim of the world, people and circumstances. You explain away your failures with such alibis as: If I had rich parents; If I didn't have a wife and kid; If the economy wasn't in recession. When you miss your flight because you arrived late to the airport, you sorrowfully tell people: the plane left me!

Victor Consciousness
At this level you believe everything is happening by you. You know the innate powers of your Mind by which to a certain degree you have control over your life, the world and events around you. You know you have the power to change your mindset and therefore your experiencing; just as you have the power to choose your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. You know the power of Intellect to rule the Mind.

Vessel Consciousness
At this level you believe there is something higher and greater than you – and that you are a vessel or conduit of this Higher Power. This Higher Power is God, Spirit, Christ, Divine Mind, The Infinite, etc. You believe It is in you and you are an expression of It. You believe that from this Higher Power, everything is happening through you to the world around you.

Verity Consciousness
At this level you have finally realized Oneness. You have attained Christ Consciousness. You have a profound understanding of the statement: I and my Father are One. You know no separation. You know no duality. There is only Oneness being ONE. There is a Higher Power and this Power is your True Reality – It is you happening from you.

Now review your experiences, and figure out what Consciousness you are currently operating in; what result you are getting, and whether you need to make a change.


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