Success 2018 - 5 Questions to Keep You on Track...

Success 2018 - 5 Questions to Keep You on Track...

Whatever you are engaged in, your answers to these 5 questions point to how successful or not you will be.

These five questions will help you stay on track for success in your Profession, Career or Business.

1)  Do I know what for me is 'Success'?

What event or milestone will signal success – in your career, business, profession or Life? When or how will you know you are a success? The point is to clearly define your success so that you can celebrate when you achieve it!

Define your success! If you don't know what you are looking for, how will you ever find it? If you don't know your destination, how will you ever get there?

2)  Am I in my rightful place?

When in the right place, you love what you do. You have passion for it. You have the mental capacity for it, and you have the requisite natural talent and skills. You are comfortable in it.

In other words, when you are in your rightful place, your Head, your Heart, and your Hands are all in it, working together for success.

And what if you discover you are not in your rightful place? Then make a change! It is never too late to make a change! (Genesis 12:4).

3)  Do I have what it takes?

Now that you've defined your success; and determined that you are in your rightful spot, are you properly equipped to achieve your success? In other words, do you have what it takes to get what you want? Do you have the right psychology, attitude, temperament, etc?

4)  Am I adding Value?

The main reason people give you their money is because you gave them something of Value. Elementary economics teaches that money is a store of value. Thus the more value you give the more money you get. (2 Corinthians 9:6).

Success in life is all about adding Value; not ripping-off people. Never make money your primary target; but strive to become rich and successful while genuinely adding Value.

5)  Do I go the extra mile?

Always give more than is expected. Once you know what people expect from you, surprise them with that which they did not expect – the extra mile. I bet they won't forget you in a hurry!

Go the extra mile to brand, promote and differentiate your product or service by making simple positive tweaks that mark you out from the crowd. Don't just do it the way every other person does it. Be different!

See you there - at the top!


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