The 7 Spiritual Energy Centres – And How They Rule Your Life

The 7 Spiritual Energy Centres – And How They Rule Your Life

Energy centres are your 'cups of plenty'. When active, they overflow your life with 'goodness and plenty'...

A Chakra or Energy centre is not just the physical point to which it refers, but an etheric equivalent of that part of the body. Chakras aid energy flow between the different levels of our being. They function as energy redistribution points between our finer and denser bodies, our inner and outer worlds, or our spiritual and physical selves.

Chakras govern particular faculties of your life. When activate and healthy, these cups of plenty keep your open doors open and your goodness and plenty flowing.

The primary energy centres are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Thorax, Forehead, and Head. Their areas of influence are explored below.

7) The Root, located at the base of the spine, in the vicinity of the reproductive organs, is the energy centre for survival (pro-creativity), self-identity, and self-worth. It governs your career path and wealth mindset.

The quality associated with this centre is Sensation; its colour is Red. It manifests as your power of control over sex, and other dense energies such as Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Revenge, Greed and Selfishness.

When active and balanced, you experience good health, high self-esteem, emotional harmony, and poise.

6) The Sacral, closely associated with the Root and located just above it in the region of the lower abdomen, is the energy centre for sexuality, relationship, and creativity. The aspect associated with this centre is the Personality; its colour is Orange. It governs the quality of your Desires, Ambitions and Aspirations.

When active and balanced, there is a strong and focused personality, productivity, and well-rounded success in all spheres of life.

5) The Solar Plexus, located just above the navel is the energy centre for discernment, instinct, learning, wisdom and power. The attribute associated with this centre is the Intellect; its colour is Yellow. It manifests as the ability for clear thinking, logic and reasoning.

An active and well developed solar plexus is discernible as a high level of self confidence, personal magnetism and inner power.

4) The Heart is the energy centre for the emotions of love, compassion and sympathy. The attributes associated with this centre is Security and Relationship; its colour is Green. It governs self-acceptance and emotional stability – your capacity to freely give and receive love, sympathy, tolerance and forgiveness.

An evolved and active Heart centre comes across as a personality that is capable of strong feelings, great acts of self-sacrifice, and deep compassion.

3) The Thorax is the energy centre for vocal expression and communication of your thoughts, ideas and emotions. The ability associated with this energy centre is Communication; its colour is Blue. It reveals your inner qualities through your true voice – eloquent, rich, warm, mellow, soothing, persuasive or commanding.

When developed, there is uniqueness of vocal sound, power of oration, and clear diction.

2) The Forehead (between the eye brows) often referred to as the third eye, is the energy centre for spiritual perception, illumination and detachment. The power associated with this centre is Intuition; its colour is Indigo. It manifests as Inner Guidance – the power to know, without knowing why or how.

When activated, your intuition, imagination and sense of perception are sharp, clear and accurate; creating inner beauty, equanimity, empathy and charisma.

1) The Crown, located at the top of the head, is the energy centre for balance, surrender, purification and sublimation. The power associated with this centre is Imagination; its colour is Violet. Its attribute is Divine Consciousness – man's ardent quest towards his divinity. When active, there is spiritual fulfilment and eternal joy.

Energy centres are your cups of plenty which when active and balanced, fill your life to overflowing with joy, peace and prosperity. Namaste!


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