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The Biblical Journey Of Jacob – 7 Success Lessons For Youths

From the success story of biblical Jacob, we discern seven success lessons that are often overlooked by youths today.

Ever met anyone who didn't want to be successful? Of course, you want to be a success, achieve your goals and live your dreams. There is a methodology to success. And just like Jacob's never ending journey in the bible, Success is a journey, not a destination.

From the success story of biblical Jacob, we discern seven success lessons that are often overlooked by youths today. Please read on!

Parental Blessing

In that biblical story (Genesis 27), before he set out on his journey, Jacob was aided by his mother to obtain his father's blessings. Thus, the first secret of Jacob's success was to activate spiritual goodwill by obtaining parental blessings.

Parental blessings inspire and motivate. That spiritual goodwill keeps you going even in the face of adverse situations, because you know right in your heart, that you have the support and blessing of the most important people in your life.

Know What You Want

Jacob knew exactly what he wanted and where to find it (Genesis 28:1-2). His goal was to find a wife. He had a clear mental picture of his 'success'. And when he saw Rachel, he knew this was her!

Listen to God

Jacob departed on his journey and at sunset, as he lay down to rest, he had a dream clearly showing him how to proceed. That divine visitation re-defined his 'success' (Genesis 28:10-18). Staying spiritually alert and open to divine ideas is a key to success.

Covenant with God

After that divine visitation, Jacob communed with God and made a vow - a Covenant with God (Genesis 28:18-22). Covenanting with God is a powerful spiritual secret of highly successful people.

Have a Plan of Action

Jacob had a plan. He was ready to serve his uncle for seven years in order to marry her daughter, Rachel (Genesis 29:18).

Be Diligent

Jacob served diligently and was rewarded handsomely (Genesis 29:15). When you serve, you get rewarded. Genuine service is a sure route to success.

Endure and Persist

After paying the price by serving for seven years, Jacob was denied his Prize! But he didn't give up; he didn't abuse anybody; he didn't walk away in anger or frustration; he didn't start a fight; he quietly endured and served for another seven years! (Genesis 29: 25-28). Jacob was ready to do whatever it took to achieve his success.

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