What Is Man?

The Making Of A Genius – How to Convert Your Sex Urge Into Pure Genius!

Sex is Creative Energy. Wanton waste of this primal source of creativity is one primary cause of mediocrity. Learn how!

Sexual desire is creativity seeking expression or outlet. As the singular act by which Man performs his divine mandate to populate the earth, sex is an act of great responsibility, which has emotional, spiritual and mystical connotations.

The creative power of sex goes beyond making babies. Unfortunately, many men being unaware, carelessly waste this energy, and thus deny themselves of a most superior source of the power to create ever known to Man; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity.

When driven by desire for sex, the mind of man (or woman) activates a super ability for extra-ordinary thought and action. This state of mind is potent and creative. It draws out the very best of a man's creative qualities such as keen observation, imagination, courage, tact, persistence and perseverance.

This is the exact same state of mind required to achieve any other goal upon which it is directed – be it Money, Politics, Intellectual, Sports, Spiritual, Arts or whatever. All you need is a mental switch - transmutation!

The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions, and for this very reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted into action other than that of physical expression, may raise one to great accomplishment. Napoleon Hill

That intense desire for sexual contact is creative energy seeking expression; and you have the power and freedom to choose its eventual outlet or mode of expression. You may opt to enjoy a full blown sexual release, or you may opt to re-direct that energy into other spheres of pursuit, creativity and endeavour. You either eat your cake or keep it!

That same creative energy projecting as riotous sex urge can, by a mere mental flip of intent and focus, become Intellectual energy, Wealth energy, Professional energy, Political energy, Business energy, Spiritual energy, Sports energy; or whatever other type of energy you want.

The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures, men who have learned the art of sex transmutation. Napoleon Hill

Transmutation re-directs sexual energy away from physical gratification that drains your creative potency, to inward conservation that nourishes your Brain, invigorates your Mind and strengthens your Body - the exact same inputs required for superior accomplishments.

Your MIND is the crucible in which the alchemy of energy transmutation takes place. It is in the Mind of man that one desire transmutes into another. By a switch of focus and intent, man can re-structure and re-direct mental energy into a desired outcome. And sex is no exception.

Sex, the carnal root of Man's generation, can be the source of his de-generation, yet holds the key to his re-generation. When properly harnessed, the innate energy of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. For in the source of this vital power lie also the sources of Wealth, Health and Genius! Sexual Energy Transmutation is the key.

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