Want to Get Rich? Try This Simple Idea!

Want to Get Rich? Try This Simple Idea!

"One sure way to get what you want is to help enough other people get what they want." ...Zig Ziglar

Paper-Money is a store of Value. Paper-Money is a mode of exchange for Value. Your financial wealth (or status) is therefore a measure of your ability to create Value. Your financial status tells how well you have used your brain, your brawn, your creativity, your talents, your abilities, and your knowledge to create or add Value to others.

VALUE is what people actually pay for with their MONEY. In the olden era of trade-by-barter, there was no paper money (Naira, Dollar, Pounds, Euro, etc); people simply exchanged valuables.

Since wealth is a function of value added, the question is: what VALUE do you possess, that can convert into RICHES? What can you do for others to make them happily reward you with their money?

What problems can you solve for others? How can you make life easier for others? What products or services can you provide? Do you know a better and faster way of doing something?

Bill Gates (Microsoft) gave us the Windows Operating System. Today, WINDOWS runs in over 60% of all computers on planet earth. With this product alone, Bill continues to add VALUE by making life easy and productive for millions of people all over the world. Any wonder he is RICH?

You need not be a Bill Gates or Dangote or Mark Zukerberg. You need not play on the global stage. Just begin wherever you are by identifying and finding simple solutions to everyday challenges around you. Look for problems to solve! Problems are the genesis of great enterprises.

If you can add VALUE, you can become RICH. The world is willing and ready to pay for VALUE. You must offer something of value to others before their money can flow to you. The more valuable and essential your services (or products), the richer you’re likely to be.  

Consider this: Nigeria is a populous nation of over 170 million people. If you can provide a service or product that compels just one percent of this population to pay you just one Naira each, then you are already a millionaire!

Now you know why there are so many Apps on Google all trying to make life easier for you. Don't focus on making money, focus on creating Value - and the money will roll in!

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