Why Do Some People Suffer?

Why Do Some People Suffer?

To rise above the vicissitudes of life, you must eradicate from your life this very destructive affliction called...?


"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and
with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs. 4:7

The main reason we suffer lack, sickness, poverty, deprivation, failure and disappointment in life is ignorance; Ignorance of the spiritual laws and principles that govern Life, Wealth and Success.

Ignorance is a cloud of unknowing that prevents man from truly knowing himself; and thus keeps him ignorant of his innate powers, and how to exploit them for his own good. Ignorance keeps a man wandering blindly in the wilderness of life.

It is this veil, this cloud of unknowing, this non-alignment with the natural laws, ancient wisdom, spiritual principles and biblical truths, that govern life, money, success and prosperity, that result in poverty, frustration, failure, sickness and suffering.

To rise above the vicissitudes of life, you must eradicate from your life this very destructive affliction of the mind called ignorance. You must escape from the blindness and slavery of ignorance into the vision and freedom of wisdom. You must exit from a life of confusion and suffering in ignorance, into a life of peace and joy in spiritual Wisdom.

Truly, many suffer for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6). They see but do not perceive; and they hear but do not understand. (Mark 4:12).

It is your responsibility to remove the veil from your own eyes; to disperse the loathsome clouds of unknowing; and to illumine the dark chambers in your life. You must liberate yourself from a life of misery in the wilderness, into a life of abundance in the Promised Land.

Knowledge is the key that opens the doors of opportunity. Your duty is to push back the boundaries of darkness, as you extend the frontiers of light, by seeking higher levels of spiritual knowledge: for unto you it is given to know the mysteries (Mark 4:11). Ask. Seek. Knock!

Therefore seek the Truth that sets free. Get all the Knowledge you can. But in all things, temper your Zeal with Wisdom. When you live in accord with spiritual laws and principles, you inevitably activate a gradually increasing inflow of joy, peace and prosperity beyond your imagination.

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. (Proverbs 24:4).

The WEALTH SECRETS presents to you, in an easy to read format, these immutable laws, principles, wisdom and secrets that have over the ages propelled ordinary men and women like you and I unto superior heights of personal success, fame and fortune.

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