You and The Law of Increase - An Overview

You and The Law of Increase - An Overview

After creation, God charged Man to take full control, have dominion, be fruitful and multiply. Are You?


"And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,
that bringeth forth his fruit in his season…"
Psalm 1:3.


In elementary Arithmetic, there are FOUR basic operations namely: Addition, Division, Multiplication and Subtraction. Amongst the four activities, it seems that Nature's favourite is Multiplication (Genesis 1:28).

After creation, God charged man to take full control, have dominion, to be fruitful and multiply. A wholesome and healthy multiplication activity in whatever realm, results in positive increase.

Your have a divine mandate be prosperous; to increase and to bear fruit abundantly. Prosperity is Nature's law handed down to you. Have you ever met anyone who did not want to improve in all facets of life?

All things with a spark of life grow and multiply, if undisturbed. Nature sustains and renews herself through continuous growth, increase and multiplication. And that is a great message to us all: prosper or perish!

The law of increase manifests freely in nature. When you sow just one seed of corn, you reap not one seed but a whole cub holding hundreds of seeds. A single bean seed, rice or wheat yields hundreds of its kind. The small oil palm seed grows into a tree that yields many heads of palm fruits, year after year. Inside a tiny seed lies the giant Iroko tree.

Observe and learn from Nature! Put the law of increase into operation in all areas of your life - spiritual, mental, financial, intellectual, physical, etc., and not just for bringing new Souls unto planet earth.

Apply the law of increase in your activities, in accord with the natural sequence of sowing, nurturing and harvesting; because to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun.

The local farmer is a good example. He clears the bush, tills the ground and plants the seeds. He tends the crops and keeps the farm free of weeds. At the appropriate time he promptly takes the harvest home. Always keep to the natural sequence of actions, and the expected results must follow.

If for any reasons you are presently not increasing in any area of your life, look inwards to know why. The fault certainly is in you, not in the stars. Seek and ye shall find.

Remember: Our destiny is not mapped out for us by any exterior power. What we think and do today determine what happens to us tomorrow.  Galatians 6:7

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